Men embracing the world of grooming & skincare is a reality.  Here at Radiance we have a tailor made treatment programme specific for male skincare and grooming needs.

Botanical Blitz Facial

Using regenerative and botanical ingredients designed to combat the signs of environmental stress, ageing and sensitivity leave your skin soothed, restored and balanced.  An excellent way to balance your skin and get to grips with any ingrowing hairs or sensitivity caused by shaving. Treatment Time 60 Minutes

Botanical Blitz Facial £38.00

CACI Gentleman’s Facial

Using a combination of advanced technologies, this treatment is designed to specifically address male skincare concerns. Deep cleansing and skin exfoliation techniques tackle razor bumps and In – growing hairs.electrical impulses tighten, firm and redefine the jawline. The CACI Hydo Mask and LED light therapy and then used to smooth the skin, leaving your complexion refreshed, revitalised and more youthful looking. Treatment time 45 minutes.

Gentleman’s Facial £40.00

Muscle-Ease Massage

Do you suffer with tense shoulders and an aching back?  This intense massage eases stress-related knots and muscular tension. The calming aromatherapy oils help to soothe and relieve over-active stressed minds, leaving you fell refreshed and ready to take on the world. Treatment time 30 minutes.

Muscle-Ease Massage £27.50

Radiance Relax

The ultimate face and body therapy for men.  Combine the Botanical Blitz facial with a Muscle-Ease Massage for 90 minutes of pure relaxation. A superb remedy for today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle. Treatment time 90 minutes.

Radiance Relax £57.50

Detoxifying Back Treatment

Designed to Remove muscles tension and  skin of impurities. A deep cleansing and purifying scrub is followed by extractions and an aromatherapy massage to relieve all areas of stress in your back. Treatment time 45 minutes

Detoxifying Back Treatment £35.00

Weekend Wind-Down

Wash away the strains of the week with a detoxifying back treatment followed by an aromatherapy massage for your back, neck, shoulders. Treatment time 75 minutes.

Weekend Wind-Down £55.00

Hand & Nail Grooming

Your Technician will push back your cuticles, cut & file and then buff your natural nails to a high shine.

Hand & Nail Grooming £15.00

Gents Foot Spa

Your Technician will push back your cuticles, cut & file. A warm soak & exfoliation using our lovely scented products to remove dead hard skin. We will then relax and relieve tensions by massaging either your foot and leg. Your natural nails will be buffed to a high shine.

Gents Foot Spa £15.00


Using both Harley strip wax and hot wax. Hair does not need to be very long (approx 1cm long and just lying flat on the skin). Regular waxing causes the hair to thin out and
become finer.

Male Brow Design £12.50
Small of Back £16.50
Full Back £27.50
Chest & Stomach £35.00
Back, Chest & Stomach £55.00