Fingers & Toes, Nail Art and IBX


Do you want stronger, tougher, healthier looking nails?  Do you suffer from white spots and flaking nails? Then look no further than IBX.

Treatment Manicure £18.50
Prior to Gelish Initial £13.50
Maintenance £6.00

Fingers & Toes

manicure-pedicureIn all our manicure and pedicure treatments we use VINYLUX. A breakthrough long lasting nail polish, that dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens over time.

File & Polish £13.50
Spa Manicure £24.50

vinylux 1

Spa Pedicure £27.50
Callus Peel Treatment
Heel £23.50
Foot £38.00
Heel (Pedicure Add-On) £13.50
Foot (Pedicure Add-On) £17.50


Nail Art

Gems From £3.50
Glitter (Accent Fingers) £3.50
Glitter (Full Set) £5.50