Waxing with Radiance!

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We want to offer Our clients an advanced hair removal treatment that is virtually pain free,

Causes no skin irritation, nor leaves behind any sticky residue.

Our products are suitable for all types of skin & hair and can remove hair as short as 1mm. When it comes to waxing, we can confidently say that Our Radiance Team Are highly trained and qualified to give you the Best Experience,  Whether you need a quick lip wax or something a little more personal you will leave Radiance feeling sassy, refreshed, and ready for anything.


Facial Waxing

Whether it’s eyebrow or chin waxing, you are in the best of hands at Radiance.

Eyebrow Wax £11.00
Lip £7.50
Chin Wax £8.50
Lip & Chin £12.50

Arm Waxing

The answer to all of your prayers. Sure, it hurts a little. But you really only have to have your armpits waxed once to become a total believer. It’s seriously going to change your life.

Under Arm wax £13.50
Half Arm wax £13.50
Full Arm £18.00

Leg Waxing

Avoid that daily risk of nicks, cuts and razor burn that comes with using razors, make the switch from shaving to waxing. Waxing removes hair from the root giving you professional smooth results. Results can last up to four weeks, where shaving will last up to 2 days. The more you wax, the less hair growth you see!

Half Leg Lower £16.00
Half Leg Upper £18.00
3/4 Leg Wax £22.00
Full Leg Wax £25.00

Intimate Waxing

Hair removal from the pubic region, from a bikini shape to full hair removal. Intimate waxing is one of the most popular treatments at Radiance. This is due to highly skilled staff and High Quality products. You will be comfortable, prepped and relaxed in our cosy private room.

Half Leg & Bikini line £22.00
Bikini £16.00
High Bikini £18.00
Brazilian (All off except landing strip) £27.00
Hollywood (All Off) £32.00

Men’s Waxing

Using both Harley strip wax and hot wax. Hair does not need to be very long (approx 1cm long and just lying flat on the skin). Regular waxing causes the hair to thin out and become finer.

Male Brow Design £12.50
Small of Back £16.50
Full Back £27.50
Chest & Stomach £35.00
Back, Chest & Stomach £55.00

Tips For Waxing


24 hours before your treatment, exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells and alleviate ingrowing hairs. You can do this a few different ways:

  • Gently exfoliate in the shower to loosen up dead skin and lift trapped hairs
  • Use a Body scrub
  • A tablespoon of sugar added to your regular body wash using a body glove, brush or loofah
  • Using a body brush, alternate between dry brushing and hand stroking the area

Avoid heat

Don’t tan, take a really hot bath or visit a sauna before a wax treatment as this will make the skin extra sensitive.

Don’t apply lotions on the day of the treatment

Also avoid self-tan products, body sprays, and any other topical creams that are not relevant to the waxing process.

Let your hair grow

Allowing the hair to grow for about 2-3 weeks before the treatment will give the wax better “grip”. Patience is a virtue – waxing will be painful and not as effective if you haven’t waited long enough!

Wear Comfortable clothing

Tight clothing might irritate the waxed area.

Use a cleanser and toner

Using a cleanser and toner before your treatment emulsifies and removes dirt and oil embedded in your skin and it also balances the skin’s Hp levels which tighten the skin and pores, removing any oil and lotions for a maximum waxing result.

After your wax

By following these few steps you should be able to prevent those in-grown hairs from forming in the first place.
We will Soothe your skin with the.
Harley Wax’s After Care Oil that has been specially formulated to calm and soothe the skin after waxing.
Afraid of in-grown hairs?
Maintain your wax and keep in-grown hair to a minimum by using an antibacterial body wash and exfoliate regularly.
Request aftercare instructions directly from your trained therapist to ensure maximum results.

Baby yourself

Don’t sunbathe or exercise right after your wax – your skin needs time to calm down after its “trauma” and sweat and the heat of the sun won’t help!